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Bajubesi IRC Network


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i would like to welcome all to Bajubesi IRC Network,with this server launch i hope to bring back the glory of IRC world,i know most of you think irc is outdated,but it is root of all chatting and communication platforms,we need to appreciate this old but not rusty tech,it's still relevant and will always be relevant,hope u all enjoy Bajubesi IRC Network server.we encourage you to connect to us using encrypted SSL port.

server :

irc.bajubesi.com.my +6697
irc.bajubesi.com.my +7070
orion.bajubesi.org +6697
orion.bajubesi.org +7070

Plaintext :
irc.bajubesi.com.my 6667-6669
orion.bajubesi.org 6667-6669

command for connecting to the server in case u guys forgot :

/server irc.bajubesi.com.my +6697

/server orion.bajubesi.org

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