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Post by Fhazal »

Greeting bootbois!

We proud to announce that irc.skinhead.com.my is successfully launch and working great! we setup both connection SSL and plaintext, here are the info how to connect to our irc server :

Webclient : Skinhead IRC Webclient

you can use any of your favorite irc client eg. mIRC (trial) / AdiIRC (free) / XChat-SE (free) etc

Server : irc.skinhead.com.my

SSL Port : 6697

Plaintext : 6667-6669

server command to connect example, here we use SSL port to connect : /server irc.skinhead.com.my +6697

Mobile : You can use any irc mobile apps such iRCCloud etc

to connect just fill the information :

server : irc.skinhead.com.my

SSL : 6697

Plaintext : 6667 - 6669

Happy chatting!


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Re: irc.skinhead.com.my

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