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InspIRCd v3.14.0 released!

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InspIRCd v3.14.0 released!

Post by Fhazal »

InspIRCd v3.14.0 is now available, download it from the releases page.

The most notable changes in this release are:
  • Added support for the r WHO flag for compatibility with UnrealIRCd.
  • Fixed not sending a WebSocket close packet when terminating the connection.
  • Fixed remote users that are connected via UNIX sockets not having their endpoints set correctly.
  • Fixed the websocket module only accepting normalised header names.
  • Improved support for linking servers over UNIX socket connections.
No breaking configuration changes have been made since the v3.0.0 release but if you are upgrading from v2 please consult our list of config changes in v3.

The full change log can be found on the docs site or on GitHub.

We’re less than a year away from publishing the first release candidates for v4. If you’d like to help out with this please submit a patch, open a feature request, or consider supporting my development via GitHub Sponsors.
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