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Services Have Been upgrade

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Services Have Been upgrade

Post by Belon »

we would to inform you that our services have been update and patch to the latest version, we have test and didn't find any error,however if u found or encounter any bug and error please inform us.

The notable changes includes:

Add support for channel SQLines on InspIRCd
Change default protocol module from inspircd20 to inspircd3
Change the character set used by chanstats and irc2sql to utf8mb4
Fix a ton of typos in messages
Fix being able to override MAXLIST on InspIRCd
Fix blocking on boot when trying to upgrade SQL databases without account identifiers
Fix not flushing the ERROR message on squit
Fix using an invalidated iterator when deleting bots
Fix various harmless compiler warnings
Fix webcpanel not using the forwarded IP
Show the account name in nickserv/info
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