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#Chat adalah official channel untuk kita semua berchatting apa saja topic di BajuBesi IRC Network,ini adalah channel pertama yang korang akan join jika connect ke server irc.bajubesi.com.my, disini ada sedikit info dari chanserv untuk #Chat.Mai la join channel nih dan pakat2 sembang.

11:01:02 -ChanServ- Information for channel #Chat:
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Founder: Belon
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Description: BajuBesi IRC Network Official Chat Channel
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Registered: Jul 15 03:31:32 2021 BST (18 days, 29 minutes ago)
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Last used: Aug 02 04:01:01 2021 BST (now)
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Ban type: 2
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Mode lock: +nt
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Options: Peace, Security, Secure founder, Signed kicks, Topic retention
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Last topic: https://bajubesi.com.my - Welcome To BajuBesi IRC Network Main Chat Channel | To change your vhost join #Vhost type !vhost your.desire.vhost or /Hs request your.vhost.org to get permenant vhost.
11:01:02 -ChanServ- Topic set by: Belon
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